Thinking of Relocating Why Your House Hunt Should Start in Greece

Vacation and retirement home buyers have spent much of their time and money in Spain, Portugal and France. These beautiful countries offer a lot for any resident or traveler and their popularity has led to a lot of competition for desirable properties. This has resulted in an increase in prices and more stringent local real estate laws as a result. Another option, one that is often forgotten, is the stunning country of Greece. e.

There are many things to consider when choosing a country for relocation. There are a lot of benefits of living in Greece that help to keep it at the top of any list. This amazing ancient land offers some of the best real estate deals and largest variety of home options in Europ


The country has a low cost of living compared to many cities located in North America and Europe.
Greece has a warm and sunny climate that is enjoyable all year long.
Transportation into and out of Greece is abundant and easy to use.
The people of Greece are friendly and enjoy a slower pace of life.
There are many sources of healthy food and fine wine at reasonable prices around the country.
Greece offers the history buff the opportunity to see and explore some of the most amazing sites in the world.
Buyers are not restricted to just purchasing an existing home because the price of land in Greece is affordable. This is perfect for people that want to have a custom home with modern amenities. Land is more plentiful than many believe and building a house in Greece is relatively easy and affordable. It is necessary to look around before purchasing land because the prices do fluctuate a great deal from one island to the next.

Before buying any land it is important to check with local engineers to determine if the desired plot is acceptable. There are environmental and archaeological concerns that can delay or prevent building on specific sites. Local permits and other fees have to be factored into the cost along with the building expenses too and many buyers discover that working with local construction companies is easier than attempting to build on their own.

Buying Property in Greece today is still more affordable than it was prior to the financial collapse of 2008. Property prices have remained low despite the country experiencing a slow rebound in their financial situation. Rental costs are also low and renting is a convenient method of experiencing daily life in a certain area before making the commitment of purchasing a residence.

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